Free Offer Terms

Use our software for free! Requirements:

  1. Apply for and get an internet merchant account through our affiliated merchant account provider.
  2. Use that merchant account for your online payment processing.
  3. Free service WILL NOT START until you receive at least one online payment, and you must continue to receive at least one online payment per month.

Otherwise our low monthly fees will apply.



  • You must apply either by using this form or by contacting us.
  • The free offer counts only towards our monthly service fee. It does not apply to customizations or any of these optional items.
  • If you are unable to qualify for a merchant account due to bad credit, or if you prefer to use a different merchant account, in order to use our software you will need to pay our low monthly fee.
  • If you change merchant accounts to one other than one provided through Valued Websites, in order to continue using our software you will have to pay our monthly fee plus the $125/year SSL security certificate fee.