ValuedCOMPLETE Details

$27/month plus options.

ValuedCOMPLETE is the most capable of our web software packages. It comes with all the features of ValuedBASIC and ValuedPRO, plus features useful for managing staff and contractors.

It’s our software package most useful to appraiser management companies. If you work primarily with contractors instead of or in addition to staff, the ValuedCOMPLETE package will be the one you want.

Public Website

Unlimited informational pages that you can easily edit yourself. Publish your contact information, areas served, and pricing. Show off your resume and clientelle.

Comes with lots of online marketing features, and a set of great looking templates.

Order Form

The most customizable order form available. Also offer clients a printable/faxable order form on your website. New orders are emailed to you and saved in a password-protected database.

Invoicing / Payments

Easily generate a PDF invoice to send to clients, and they can pay online. Or make them pay at the time they submit a new order.

Staff / Contractor Area

Users can sign themselves up including all their relevant contact info, what areas they service, and they can upload their license and other files. You get a notification email, and you can then review and approve their account. Charge users an optional membership fee.

Client Area

Your repeat clients will love the timesavers that are there for them. Things like not having to re-enter their contact information when placing orders, and seeing all their order details and billing information in one place, accessible at any time. Reports that your staff/contractors upload can be reviewed by the admin before clients can download them.


Contractor fee reports, billing reports, turnaround time reports, and more.

Work Groups / Teams / Accounts

Your company can be divided into multiple teams by the master admin, with each sub-admin overseeing only their own team’s clients, staff/contractors, and orders.

Offer Orders

Contractors can indicate what areas they service (cities, counties, states, whatever). When new orders come in, you can offer or assign these orders to users who service the location indicated in the order. The system can also tell you which user is closest to the property.

File Review Screen

Easy overview screen to view all uploaded files for an order and accept or reject the order.

Email multiple parties and optionally attach a zip of selected files.