There are two types of customizations we can do: customizations to the programming, and customizations to the look of the website:


If the software doesn’t do something you want it to, we can customize it at a low per-minute rate. Most of our competitors don’t offer this. More info.

Custom VISUAL DESIGN — Unlimited Choices

Your web software’s look isn’t limited to our visual design templates. We can create a completely original visual design for the public website part of your web software. This usually costs in the range of $300 to $600. Or hire your own graphic designer. One company commissioned a watercolor of a house and had us turn it into their website ^. Something like this can help you stand out in a crowded field.

Or choose from 3rd party templates: free ^ or under $100 ^. We charge a design integration fee based on our hourly $75/hr rate if you select a 3rd party template, total depends on the design.

It might not cost anything extra!

Your website comes with 1/2 hour of included set-up time, which can be used for any design changes before we start charging our $75 hourly rate.