Optional Items

Our web software packages work great out of the box (and include hosting), but you may want some of the options listed. Websites function better with the first one, domain name.

Click an option below for details:

Your domain name is the URL of your website (YourWebsitesName.com)

1) Register it yourself (recommended) so you own it. It’s around $10/year. Use Moniker.com ^ or Godaddy.com ^. They will offer a lot of other services in addition to domain name registration. Don’t buy hosting from them, just the domain name and maybe privacy services, to reduce some spam, and email hosting, if you’d like.

2) We can register the domain name for you for $25/year per name, non-refundable, payment required before registration. If you ever want the domain transferred to you, we charge $75/hr for however long it takes (usually an hour).

3) You can also use the web software with no domain name (not recommended). You’ll get an "IP address" which looks like You can always add a domain name later.

How to choose a good domain name.

Clients can pay online if you have an online payment processor. These third party services charge their own fees. We support:

1) Authorize.net is the best choice for tight integration with the website and a professional look for your clients because clients stay within your website for the entire payment process. They charge from 1.8% to 2.9% per transaction, depending on the type of card and the strength of your anti-fraud settings, plus $20/month.

In order to use Authorize.net, you need a $125/year SSL security certificate and dedicated IP, which we provide FREE if you sign up through Valued Websites. More info on payment processing.

2) PayPal takes around a 3% cut of each transaction. This is the fastest option to set up, but is not tightly integrated with the website.

3) Mal’s e-Commerce comes with a free version and a $96/year "less branded" version. If you already have a merchant account, this option would allow you to keep it, but it’s not tightly integrated with the website, and you’ll need to run all charges manually.

Almost any feature you can think of can be added to our web software. Our $75/hr rate will apply after a half hour of included setup time is used. More info on custom programming.

Our system is compatible with Amazon’s S3 cloud-based secure file storage for order-related files. Completely integrated with your website. Uses the same infrastructure as banks and hospitals so you know your data is secure and safe. Enable from within your website at any time, and it costs just 15 cents per/month per gigabyte of storage (payable to Amazon).

You get a half hour of included set-up time. We’ll use this time for any set-up work (data importing, content formatting, customizations, changing colors or pictures) before we charge you extra.

The set-up clock starts ticking when your site draft is ready for content entry. After the included time, set-up is charged at $75/hr.

Training and support is unlimited. Training and support includes such things as learning how to use your web software.

Busy sites sometimes require upgraded hosting, which is a little different from the unlimited disk space upgrade above. Hosting upgrades are warranted if there is too much server downtime for your taste or if you think your site is too slow. Starts at $50/month additional and includes 30 gigabytes of disk space.

The footer area and some other parts of the web software mentions Valued Websites. The fee for removing all these references is $75/year. We charge this because removal of references to our company loses us potential new clients.

Related to online marketing, blogs are a great way to get better search engine rankings for all kinds of keyphrases related to your market. However, a successful blogs requires work on your part to create blog entries at least once a month, ideally more.

We don’t provide the following, which are all available from third party providers.

  • EMAIL ACCOUNTS: we recommend either Rackspace or Godaddy.
  • CUSTOM LOGO: we recommend 99designs.com.
  • CUSTOM VISUAL DESIGN: we recommend 99designs.com. Note that we charge $75/hr to integrate any custom design. This is usually in the range of $150 to $500.