Make Money Referring Our Web Software

We’ll pay $100 if they sign up for COMPLETE, $75 for PRO, or $50 for BASIC. You don’t have to be our client.

Terms & Conditions

  1. If you are our client you may elect to have us credit you towards your service fee.
  2. The client who signs up must mention you within 14 days of signing up.
  3. You may choose to be sent a check, or if you are our client, you may choose to have us credit an upcoming service fee or bill that you owe us.
  4. We must receive payment from the client you referred before we will pay you, so it may be a month or more before you receive payment or credit.
  5. If the client pays their service fee up front for a year, you will receive the full credit amount. But if the client pays for just a few months, you will receive 8 1/3% of the referral fee multiplied by the number of months the client paid for, repeating each time the referred client pays us, until your full referral fee has been paid.
  6. If the client you referred cancels their service and requests a refund, we will not ask you for a refund of any referral fee we may have paid you. However, if you refer anyone else to us, we will subtract the refunded referral fee from your next referral bonus.
  7. If you refer yourself it doesn’t count, for example if you sign up for two websites.