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Web-based Order Tracking Software
Used by appraisers, AMCs, building managers, title companies, and more.

Easy To Use


$27/month plus options

Includes all features. More info.


$24/month plus options

Includes most features. More info.


$17/month plus options

Website, order form, online payments. More info.




What it's made for. From new orders to scheduled to completed, everyone knows where the process is at. More info.


Up to seven different types of users, each with separate permissions selectable by you. More info.


Full-featured invoicing and online payment functionality. Tie invoices to orders. More info.



Eleven built-in reports can be supplemented by custom ones you create. Export to CSV. More info.


Review files tied to an order all at once in-browser. Cloud-based storage for pennies extra. More info.


Comprehensive front end website editor with infinite pages, visual templates, marketing tools. More info.


"Thank you for all your help the web site is working great."

Allen A. - Appraiser Select



Get started quickly, it's easy to learn.

Place your order and it's ready to start using in a day. Dive right in after reading a one page beginner's guide. If you can use a browser, email, and word processor, you already have all the skills you'll need. Helpful popup balloon hints are scattered throughout the software in appropriate places. We offer unlimited email support for free.

Save time and money.

Cuts down on back and forth communications with clients and staff. Saves you minutes per order. See how much you can save.

Works in computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Use any internet-connected device, and all admin/staff functions are laid out to make maximum use of available screen space. View an admin or staff demo from your smart phone or tablet to see this for yourself.

No software to install.

The Valued Websites system runs through your device's internet browser, so no special software is required since all computers, tablets, and smart phones already come with a browser built in.

Keep using your favorite forms/reporting software.

No need to change forms or reporting software. Just use what you're familiar with. Easily upload any files your reporting software generates (PDF, XML, etc.) into the Valued Websites system.

Our customers love the product.

We built this system to the specifications of practicing businesses (primarily AMCs, appraisers, and other real estate professionals), so everything works like you think it should. See our glowing testimonials.

Costs less than competitors.

Our monthly fees are in general lower than our competitor's monthly fees for similar level products. Customizations may cost extra, but our competitors usually don't even allow customizations. And if you sign up for online payment processing through us, we'll waive our base monthly fee.

Completely customizable.

There are lots of settings that you can set yourself. All email alerts are customizable, all web page contents can be edited by you, and the order form can have any fields you want. If you need a new or altered feature, customizations let you work exactly how you need to. It costs $75/hr with no minimum fee. Our competitors don't offer this.