About User Types (Built-In and Custom)

The software comes with a number of built-in and customizable user types, depending on the version:

If you see a user type listed above that is not in your software, you may need to upgrade to the latest version or to a higher software level.

Master Admin

If you’re reading this, this is probably you! This user has access to every part of the website. All order data and user accounts are viewable and editable by them. Only the master admin is able to change overall site settings such as public web page contents and field settings (Settings > Data Fields).

There can be only one master admin account — all other user types have no limitation as to the number of them in the system.


These users have access to all order data and user accounts, unless they are limited by being placed within a company division or team. They do not have access to overall site settings.


ValuedPRO and ValuedCOMPLETE
There can be up to four staff/appraisers accounts assigned to each order. These users have access to data in the orders that the admin has assigned to them. Their field permissions can be limited by the admin so they can only view or edit certain fields. They can also have overall permissions changed on a per-user basis so for example one appraiser has the ability to edit orders but another can only view them (Settings > Appraiser Permissions). All staff/appraiser user types have the same field permissions (Settings > Data Fields) within each order, unless you set them up as custom user types.


ValuedPRO and ValuedCOMPLETE
These users login in the front end of the website and have a different interface than other logged in users. They have access to only their own orders and the admin can decide which fields are visible and/or editable by clients.

Master Clients

These clients have the ability to view all orders within their company. So if there are ten clients all from one company, the master client can access all those orders. They are otherwise identical to regular client accounts. The admin has to designate who is a master client, and there can be more than one from each company. In order for this feature to work, the "Company Name" field in each affected client account must be exactly identical.

Custom User Types

Custom user types are assigned to one of the (up to four) staff/appraiser user fields in each order. The admin can set the custom user types’ field permissions (Settings > Data Fields) differently than regular staff/appraisers but otherwise they behave similarly.

While there is no limit to the number of custom user types you can create, there are only four slots in each order where you can put custom user types or regular staff/appraiser accounts.

So for example, in one order you can put in the regular appraiser and review appraiser, and then since there are two slots left over, you can put in a custom user called Trainee and another custom user called Salesperson (these are examples only). Then in another order, you could have a regular appraiser plus three custom users.

It’s highly recommended that you always have at least the primary staff/appraiser field not being used by a custom user, but feel free to experiment.

Public Users

People who visit your website but don’t login are considered public users. They generally have very limited access, usually they can just look at your front end web pages (if any). However, you can change the settings so that even without logging in they can see:

  • Order form,
  • Create staff/appraiser link,
  • Create client account link.

Relevant Settings

There are settings that affect different user types scattered throughout the software, but here are the most important (login as master admin to see these):

  • Settings > Data Fields
  • Settings > Fee Visibility Settings
  • Settings > Appraiser Permissions – note if you’ve changed the word Appraiser to something else then that’s what the link will say.
  • People (the whole tab).