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  • Customization fees are non-refundable.
  • All customization work is charged at $75/hr in one second increments, and fees are due as they are accrued. I may elect to pay bi-weekly even though the website may send me automated payment reminders more frequently.
  • I am asking Valued Websites to customize the website to my specifications. If my specifications are unclear or ambiguous in any way, the resulting customization may not end up exactly as I imagined it, and may require further customization (at cost) to rectify.
  • Because computers require 100% perfection and humans are not 100% perfect, bugs (programming errors) are a normal component of the programming process. Software is created and tested, but the bugs are only fully ironed out after real-world use. I am aware that bugs will likely be introduced into the system because of the customization — the more extensive the customization the more bugs — and it may be awhile before all the bugs are found. Because they are part of the normal programming process, all bug fixes to customizations will be charged for (bug fixes to the standard parts of the software are free).
  • Estimates are only estimates. The exact cost will depend on the time it actually takes to customize. Changes to the "to do" list will impact costs. The larger the customization, the harder it is to accurately estimate it at the outset.
  • I will be charged for the time Valued Websites is on the phone or writing emails related to the customization.
  • I understand that customizations may need to be manually re-applied to the software whenever the software is upgraded to the latest version, and I will be charged for the time it takes to reapply the code.
  • Customizations are completed as time allows, and rushing creates more bugs. Expecting all but the tiniest customizations to be done today or tomorrow is probably unrealistic.

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