Server Uptime and Downtime

Server uptime is routinely above 99.95%


  1. Downtime is when the site not accessible at all. If it’s just really slow, see here.
  2. Maybe your domain name registration just lapsed (see here).

The server is the computer that handles your website. It’s located in Dallas, TX and is managed 24/7 by a team of technicians. If something bad happens to the server, by the time you notice, the techs are already on it.

Computers malfunction, so the server going down is a fact of life. Usually it will last for just a few minutes but sometimes it can last a couple of hours.

A portion of the fee you pay us goes towards hosting on what’s known as a "shared server". Shared servers are inexpensive and normally work very well.

You’re guaranteed to get 99.9% uptime, which translates to an average downtime of about 43 minutes per month or 516 minutes per year. But if you have 11 months of 100% uptime and then on the 12th month you have 516 minutes of downtime, it’s quite noticeable.

If you find the normal downtime is too much for you, we offer the option of "cloud hosting" for 99.99% uptime. This is 10x better than normal, with an average downtime of only 4 minutes per month or 52 minutes per year. It adds $30/month ($25/month if paid yearly) to the base cost of your website, and comes with 10 gigabytes of disk space.


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