Strange Characters in My Website’s Content

When you type into Word or other software and then copy and paste what you’ve typed into your website, sometimes this can cause problems. Often Word will replace some of your characters with versions it thinks are prettier. These include turning quotes into opening and closing quotes, apostrophes into "curly apostrophes", two dashes into an em dash, and three dots into an ellipsis character.

All of these look nice when printed, but characters meant for printing can wreak havoc with your website. If you’re seeing strange characters in your website’s content, or if things you enter into fields are getting cut off mysteriously, look to see if a quote, apostrophe or other non-alphanumeric character may be the culprit.

The solution is as simple as deleting the character and retyping it. The version you type into your website will not be a print-version, and should work correctly.

Note that the backslash \ character can cause problems with websites no matter where you use it, so avoid using it.