Website Is Slow

NOTE: it’s normal for some pages to take longer than others to load.


Pages load more slowly than you’re used to. Pages take more than several seconds to load.

1) Check other websites besides yours. Are they slow too? If so, then your internet connection or something with your computer or network is at fault.

2) If your site has more than a few thousand orders in the system, some pages normally take longer to load (welcome page, any page of lists of orders, search results). In Site Settings set Recent Orders Highlighting to 0 and Show Total Orders in Menu should be set to no.

3) You might need to upgrade your hosting.

Your website starts out on a "shared server". They’re inexpensive and usually work well. As the name implies, your website (securely) shares the server with other websites.

When lots of these other websites are getting heavy use, there could be a server-wide slowdown. This shouldn’t happen too often (servers are monitored), but occasional slowdowns do occur.

If it happens more often than you’d like, the solution is to upgrade to a server shared with fewer other websites.

The next level of service costs an additional $50/month (fewer other websites on the same server and 30 gigabytes of disk space). For a server all your own, the additional fee is $250/month (500 gigs of space).

These prices are in line with what you’d pay for a "virtual private server" or "dedicated server" from any third party hosting provider. As you can see, there’s a strong financial incentive to keep your website on a regular shared server if possible.

You could try using the time savings calculator to see whether the cost of upgraded hosting would be worth it in your case.


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