1. How will it look?
  2. How long to set up?
  3. (For appraisers) will my website be USPAP and/or HVCC compliant?
  4. What if I need a feature that’s not included?
  5. What kind of support does it come with?
  6. How much will it cost?
  7. I already have a website, How do I transition to your service?
  8. Can I use my own hosting?
  9. Do you provide custom email addresses?
  10. How do the client billing features work?
  11. Will my site get high rankings in search engines?
  12. Do you offer any online marketing services?
  13. Do you provide any ready-made website content I can use?
  14. Is the web software secure?

1) How will it look?

Professional and contemporary. Choose a great looking templates, have us create a custom visual design, or provide your own.

2) How long to set up?

If your content is written and you use one of our included templates, your web software could be ready as soon as 24 business hours after we receive your call or email. If you need custom work, add a week or more depending on the scope of the customizations (see faq #4). If you haven’t started writing your content, add however long that takes (see faq #9).

3) (For appraisers) will my website be USPAP and/or HVCC compliant?

USPAP and HVCC don’t say how a website must be built in order to be compliant. It’s how you use the website that determines whether you’re in compliance. We provide easy to use tools for you to achieve compliance, but you’re still going to need to know the rules.

4) What if I need a feature that’s not included?

If it’s not already included, we can add it at our $75/hour rate. More about custom programming.

5) What kind of support does it come with?

Unlimited email support and training for one person in your organization, and a half hour of set-up.

You get help and training documents. You can ask any question about how the site works and get a plain English answer. Any problems will be quickly fixed.

You also get a half hour of set-up. This includes content formatting and customizations. Additional time is charged at a $75/hr rate.

6) How much will it cost?

Free for the first 15 days then BASIC is $17/month, PRO is $24/month, and COMPLETE is $27/month.

Domain name fees are not included, but are usually $10/year. Register your own domain name so that you (not we) own it. We recommend moniker.com ^ or godaddy.com ^ for domain names. Don’t buy all the stuff they’ll try to sell you besides the domain name itself (except possibly privacy services). How to choose a good domain name.

Extras such as content placement, custom visual design, logo, animation, stock photos, third-party fees related to online payment processing, and ongoing website marketing may add to the setup and ongoing price. See options for more details.

7) I already have a website. How do I transition to your service?

Don’t cancel your existing service until you or we have transferred all data you want to transfer over.

Leave at minimum a week between the time you place your order with us and the time you cancel your old website.

Each Valued Website website comes with a half hour of set-up time. That time will be used up on any of the data transfer activities listed below before our $75 hourly rate comes into play.

Every website transition is different depening on how big your website is, how many records it contains, what exactly you need transferred, and who your old website provider is. Contact us to get an estimate on any transfer costs. It’s likely we’ll need admin access to your old website to give a firm estimate.

If your domain name is not registered to you, it can take several days to transfer it to you. The domain name must be registered under your name in order for you to keep it when you switch to us. We can give you guidance, but until you control your domain name, we can’t attach your old domain name to our web software. You should be able to find out who your domain name is registered to here ^ (unless it’s protected by a privacy service).

If your old website provider has registered your domain name in their name, asking them to transfer it into your name will be a tip-off to them that you intend to cancel your service with them. If your old domain name means nothing to you, you can always register a new one.

We can copy your page contents (words, pictures, logo) from your old website into your Valued Websites software and format it to look its best.

Contact us to discuss transferring your email accounts and emails. Every situation is different.

To transfer staff/contractor and/or client accounts, your current website provider needs to be able to export that information in an Excel-compatible format. If that’s not possible, each account will have to be manually copied over one by one (takes more time and money).

Transferring report or other files may incur extra file storage fees over our base package fee. Additionally, your old service must be able to provide access to these files.

8) Can I use my own hosting?

Sorry, no.

9) Do you provide custom email addresses?

No, we do not provide email hosting, and we do not provide support for your email accounts or how to use your email. You will need to either use the free Gmail service (better for tech savvy people as it doesn’t come with support), or sign up with a commercial email provider. Godaddy is inexpensive and comes with unlimited support, but any company that provides email hosting will work.

10) How do the client billing features work?

The first step is always the client placing an order. Then you set the fee for the order. Then you can send the client an invoice. The client can make an online payment, and then the website notes their payment.

Alternately, when clients login to their client area they’ll see which invoices and/or orders require payment and they can pay from there. The BASIC package has no client area, so in that package clients can only pay for an amount that they specify.

An option also exists so you can set a fixed price for each type of order, and the client can be asked to pay at the time they place their order.

Online payment processing is handled by a payment processor. Sign up for a merchant account through Valued Websites and we’ll give you a "SSL security certificate and dedicated IP" for free for one year, a $125 value. Read more about online payment options.

11) Will my site get high rankings in search engines?

It depends. Getting high rankings depends on a lot of factors including whether the website’s code is optimized (ours is), whether your content is optimized, how many other related sites link to you (we can help with that), and how competitive your geographic market is.

If you’re the only service provider for 100 miles it will be easy to get top rankings for searches targeted to your location. But if you have more competition, it will take a little more effort. Search engines love text content, so the way to get high rankings in crowded markets is to write lots of stuff! Blogs can be useful here. See the next FAQ.

12) Do you offer any online marketing services?

The website comes with a lead capture form, a "download free white paper" form, social networking badges, and support for Google Analytics.

Our website packages are built from the ground up to be a good "SEO vessel" for your target keyphrases. But for competitive markets, Valued Websites can help you "massage" your content so as to get the best possible rankings.

Search engine optimization work will be applied to your package’s included set-up time and then billed at a $75/hr rate. Information about search engines and online marketing.

13) Do you offer any ready-made website content I can use?

Short answer is no.

Long answer: if Google finds your web page and it has the same content as any other page on the web, your web page with the duplicate content will not get ranked (or it will be penalized). For this important reason, Valued Websites strongly encourages you to write your own original and unique content, and we don’t provide boilerplate that you can just copy and paste.

Yes, it takes a little extra work, but if you want the search engines to list your site’s pages, it’s necessary. Don’t worry if you’re not the best writer — if you want, we can help clean up spelling, grammar, organization, etc. We also offer copywriting services at $0.25 per word.

Free legal templates such as terms of use and privacy policies can be found here ^.

14) Is the web software secure?

We won’t publish most of the ways we implement security as that would give hackers inside knowledge. Here’s what we can tell you:

  • We implement commonly utilized security protocols within our software.
  • Online payment processing, if enabled, is protected with industry standard SSL certificates.
  • The server is protected from hackers and DDoS attacks through firewalls, constant security updates, and other methods.
  • The server datacenter is a highly secure facility with restricted access.
  • 3rd party scripts, such as blogs, if utilized, are put on a periodic upgrade schedule.
  • Report file downloads can be time-limited and accessible only through the website.