About SMTP Services

99.9% of spam is sent by websites, so internet service providers instantly suspect any email sent by your website of being spam and will often simply not deliver it even if the website says it was sent.

SMTP is a third-party service you can use that will greatly enhance the deliverability of any emails your website sends out. SMTP makes your website’s email notifications “respectable”.

SMTP comes in free or paid versions, but they all do the same thing. Typically with a paid account you get more emails per month and better statistics. There are hundreds of SMTP providers out there, and listed below are a few services known to work with our software.

Once you get the SMTP service, you can plug in the info into your website’s email settings page. The SMTP service will also let you know about other configuration settings you may need to make elsewhere (such as at your domain name registrar).

You will need a custom email account at the domain name of your website before you get the SMTP service. Always use the email address your website will be sending from when you sign up with one of these services!

SMTP Service Providers:

Note: these services listed above all also function as mass email marketing senders.