Custom Programming and Customizations

Any functionality you need that’s not already built into the software can be added. You’ll need to supply a detailed description of what you want added and we can provide an estimate.

Your web software comes with a half hour of included set-up time. We’ll subtract from any available set-up time before charging $75/hr. Custom programming is not covered by a money-back guarantee, and fees are due as soon as work is completed.

It’s a fact of life that programming new features creates bugs (programming errors). We’ll try to find and eradicate as many bugs as possible, but there still might be some left over. We can’t think of every possible way that someone might use the software, so it requires actual use to iron out all the kinks. It’s a good idea for you to try out any new functionality as soon as possible after it’s completed.

Bugs that are part of your customization will be fixed as soon as they’re discovered. The hourly rate will be charged because bug-fixing is considered a normal part of the custom programming process. Bugs that are not part of your requested customization will be fixed for free.

If you encounter a bug, note the URL (website address) of the page where the bug occurred, describe what you were trying to do, and copy and paste any error message into an email to us. If you know how to make a screenshot please send one.


For more information or if you have any questions please email