Online Payment Processing


CLICK HERE to sign up for the payment gateway and merchant account through Valued Websites and…

  • we’ll waive our monthly fee! (terms)
  • we’ll give you a free "SSL security certificate lock symbol", required for ecommerce, a $125/yr value!

In order for anyone to pay you online, you’ll need an internet merchant account and payment gateway. The market leader is, and it has the tightest integration with your website with a seamless payment experience for your clients:

  • Customers stay within your website throughout payment process.
  • Customers can pay online with a credit card or echeck.
  • Funds are automatically deposited to your bank account within two days.
  • Full-featured admin area allows you to view charges, manually process charges through a virtual terminal, issue refunds, and more.
  • iPhone and Android apps.

Sign up for through Valued Websites and we’ll give you these freebies:

  • No setup fee and monthly charges will only be $20 (normally $99 setup and $28/month).
  • FREE SSL security certificate lock symbol, a $125/yr value! Required for online commerce.

If you already have a merchant account, it may be possible to keep it and get just the payment gateway component, but some merchant accounts aren’t compatible with In this case, you’d need to get an internet merchant account and payment gateway both through (and whether you’d keep your older merchant account or cancel it would be up to you).

There will be at least a $20/monthly fee and a per-item charge. Exact rates will depend on many factors such as how strong you set your anti-fraud settings, what your average charge amount is, and how many charges per month you have. Sign up now and someone will get back to you quickly with more detailed information.

Other Supported Gateways

The Valued Websites software also integrates with PayPal and Mal’s eCommerce (lets you keep your existing merchant account). Neither of these payment processors offer tight integration with your website. Clients will need to leave your website to make their payments, and this looks less professional.