Support Terms and Conditions

Technical support is provided free for one person in your organization. In practice, we’ll help others here and there, but in general you should try to have one person in your organization be the point person in interactions with Valued Websites, and they should ideally be one of the more tech-savvy people in your group.

Technical support is to be carried out through email. Telephone technical support is not free (see note below).

Technical support includes assistance with using the features of your website (ie "how does such-and-such function work" or "how do I do such-and-such thing".

It does not include performing actual work with your website. For example, editing the content of the email alert templates, or creating and entering your website’s front end page contents would be your job. Setting up the order form with the fields you want would be your job. We’ll tell you how to do it though.

When customizations you have requested require support, that support is not free. For example, if you have us integrate a custom API (connect to a third party web service), and this API stops functioning, figuring it out is not free.

When support requests turn up bugs in the programming, the bugs will be fixed for free unless they are the result of customization requests.

NOTE: all accounts come with a half hour of included time that can be used for things that would otherwise be charged at our hourly rate. This includes configuring your order form, minor customizations, and telephone calls.